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EDFE14020 Professional Practice Specialisation
Professional Practice Specialisation
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General Information


Effective instruction requires the application of professional knowledge about learning theory, curriculum content and the teaching strategies of a specific discipline or learning area. In this capstone unit, you will apply content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge to design teaching and learning experiences that develop general capabilities underpinning the curriculum framework and have a positive impact on students’ understanding of key curriculum concepts in an area of specialisation from your course of study. You will create resources that illustrate exemplary practice in classroom and remote learning contexts and share these resources in a community of practice that replicates the collaborative processes that underpin continuous improvement in the teaching profession. Through a process of self-evaluation and reflection on your experiences in this unit and across your course of study, you will highlight your professional strengths and illustrate your preparedness for employment as a graduate teacher through the creation of a portfolio that supports the employment application process.


Career Level: Undergraduate
Unit Level: Level 4
Credit Points: 6
Student Contribution Band: 7
Fraction of Full-Time Student Load: 0.125

Pre-requisites or Co-requisites

Co-requisite:- Students must be enrolled in EDFE14021 in the same term of study as this unit so that a context is created for the completion of the practical assessment.

Important note: Students enrolled in a subsequent unit who failed their pre-requisite unit, should drop the subsequent unit before the census date or within 10 working days of Fail grade notification. Students who do not drop the unit in this timeframe cannot later drop the unit without academic and financial liability. See details in the Assessment Policy and Procedure (Higher Education Coursework).

Offerings For Term 1 - 2024


Attendance Requirements

All on-campus students are expected to attend scheduled classes – in some units, these classes are identified as a mandatory (pass/fail) component and attendance is compulsory. International students, on a student visa, must maintain a full time study load and meet both attendance and academic progress requirements in each study period (satisfactory attendance for International students is defined as maintaining at least an 80% attendance record).

Class and Assessment Overview

Information for Class and Assessment Overview has not been released yet.

This information will be available on Monday 8 January 2024
Previous Student Feedback

Feedback, Recommendations and Responses

Every unit is reviewed for enhancement each year. At the most recent review, the following staff and student feedback items were identified and recommendations were made.

Feedback from Student evaluation


Review variables in AT1 subtasks


Review the number of variables involved in the four tasks for AT1

Feedback from Student evaluation


Unit to be offered in Term 1 & 2


Offer EDFE14020 in Term 1 & Term 2 2024 onwards

Unit Learning Outcomes

Information for Unit Learning Outcomes has not been released yet.

This information will be available on Monday 8 January 2024
Alignment of Learning Outcomes, Assessment and Graduate Attributes

Information for Alignment of Learning Outcomes, Assessment and Graduate Attributes has not been released yet.

This information will be available on Monday 8 January 2024
Textbooks and Resources

Information for Textbooks and Resources has not been released yet.

This information will be available on Monday 12 February 2024
Academic Integrity Statement

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