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PBHL20002 Systems Thinking in Public Health
Systems Thinking in Public Health
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General Information


Our health is an outcome of a complex social-ecological system of variables including individual characteristics, social factors and environmental drivers. Such systems, by nature, incorporate elements that are uncertain, unpredictable and co-occurring at the same time across different levels and scales. In this unit, you will be introduced to the concept of complex adaptive systems and learn how to apply systems thinking to identify ways in which changes can be made to social and environmental determinants to influence health outcomes at community and population levels. You will also learn to use participatory methods to anticipate alternate futures as a tool for improving public health planning and building resilience.


Career Level: Postgraduate
Unit Level: Level 8
Credit Points: 6
Student Contribution Band: 8
Fraction of Full-Time Student Load: 0.125

Pre-requisites or Co-requisites

There are no requisites for this unit.

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Offerings For Term 2 - 2022


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Class and Assessment Overview

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Feedback from Student comments, co-ordinator observations


Late changes to enrolment disrupted group dynamics for first assignment (where groups are assigned in the first 1-2 weeks of class).


Changes to enrolment are beyond the jurisdiction of teaching staff, but group assignment's content (ie. topic) will be adjusted to make sure students can still complete it in some form if group circumstances change.

Feedback from Student comments


Situation with online learning led to confusion regarding tutorial times for on-campus students changing to online because of lockdown restrictions, versus offshore students and distance students.


For future terms where online sessions are necessary, they will be consolidated into the minimum number needed to meet various sub-cohorts' needs (likely one for students actually enrolled by distance, and at most one for all others).

Unit Learning Outcomes

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Alignment of Learning Outcomes, Assessment and Graduate Attributes

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This information will be available on Monday 16 May 2022
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Academic Integrity Statement

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