CV68 Bachelor of Cardiac Physiology

In order to complete this course, you must:

  1. Complete the core structure

Core Structure

Number of units: 19 Total credit points: 144

To be eligible to graduate with the Bachelor of Cardiac Physiology students must complete the 19 core units (144 units of credit), complete clinical placement requirements and attend all mandatory laboratory activities / residential schools on the campus of enrollment and / or at a specialist simulation facility in Sydney, as determined in the unit profiles.

Clinical Placement:
Course years 2-3 include clinical placement. Students must satisfy specific pre-clinical health, safety, security, including a clear criminal record check, and licensing requirements prior to each placement, and must disclose any condition that may put themselves, or the public, at significant risk whilst on placement. Due to limited availability of clinical placements, some block placements have start and/or end dates that fall outside standard term start and end dates. As placements are located throughout Australia and availability is limited in each community, students may be placed at locations that are not of their choosing. Full time attendance is required when undertaking clinical placement. Students must prepare financially and personally to relocate for placements, and are responsible for for the associated costs. In accordance with the course accreditation standards students must achieve competency in a range of cardiac assessment techniques which may require attending different clinical facilities. Whilst on placement, students will perform cardiac assessment on, and provide hands-on care to, people who may be ill or injured. Students will need to be physically fit, able to stand and walk for extended periods, lift, stretch, carry heavy loads and have sufficient visual acuity and contrast sensitivity to assess fine detail of images and perform safely in a range of lighting conditions. Students will undergo clinical assessments on performance of cardiac assessment cases, professional behavioural and technical skills.

Clinical Simulation Laboratory Learning
Years 1 - 3 of the course includes hands-on learning in the clinical simulation echocardiography and computer laboratories on campus during most terms. Students must attend all laboratory activities, including residential schools, at their campus of admission. Students must demonstrate professional behaviours including regular attendance and meeting the course dress code during clinical simulation laboratory sessions. During simulations of cardiac assessment techniques, all students will participate in role play as sonographer and patient. These essential learning activities will require partial removal of clothing to the level that is required for the simulation and will involve touching and being touched by peers. These simulation learning activities take place in a mixed gender environment, including the presence of male academic tutors. If a student is unable to participate, it may impact the student's ability to attain required skills and complete unit assessments.

Completion Timelines
To maintain clinical currency, specified cardiac assessment and clinical skills units must be completed within within one calendar year as scheduled in the course overview.
ECHO12004 Cardiac Assessment Skills 1, Cardiac Science and ECHO12005 Cardiac Clinical Unit 2 must be completed within one calendar year of each other,
Adult Echocardiography, ECHO13002 Cardiac Assessment Skills 2 and ECHO13007 Cardiac Clinical Unit 3 must be completed within one calendar year of each other,
Failure to adhere to these timelines will necessitate completion of a student learning contract which will detail specific learning and assessment requirements to maintain the students' clinical currency.

Year 1 - Term 1
Students must complete the following compulsory units:
ESSC11004 Study and Research Skills for Health Science
MEDI11002 Physics for Health Sciences
BMSC11001 Human Body Systems 1
ECHO11003 Fundamentals of Cardiac Science
Year 1 - Term 2
Students must complete the following compulsory units:
BMSC11002 Human Body Systems 2
ECHO11002 Cardiac Structure and Function
MEDI11004 Professional Practice
ECHO11004 Biochemistry for Cardiac Pharmacology
Year 2 - Term 1
Students must complete the following compulsory units:
MPAT12001 Medical Pathophysiology
MEDS12001 Physics of Ultrasound
ECHO12006 Cardiac Science
Year 2 - Term 2
Students must complete the following compulsory units:
ECHO12005 Cardiac Clinical Unit 2
ECHO12004 Cardiac Rhythm Assessment Skills
ECHO12003 Principles of Cardiac Assessment
Year 3 - Term 1
Students must complete the following compulsory units:
ECHO13006 Adult Echocardiography
ECHO13008 Advanced Cardiac Assessment Skills
BMSC12014 Pharmacology for Health Professionals
Year 3 - Term 2
Students must complete the following compulsory units:
ECHO13007 Cardiac Clinical Unit 3
ECHO13005 Congenital Heart Disease