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CL58 - Graduate Certificate in Research


Course Overview

The Graduate Certificate in Research (GCR) will provide you the opportunity to acquire advanced research skills which can be applied in a range of disciplinary contexts.

This course is aimed at professionals in a range of industry, government and community settings, and the course content is able to be tailored to suit your current employment context and/or areas of research interest.

The qualification can be taken in full or part time mode. Domestic students may study from any campus location or by distance education. International students may study at any campus or in off-shore distance mode.

To complete the course, a candidate will compile a series of research portfolio activities during a minimum period of six-months full-time, or the equivalent part-time.

New applicants may apply at any time of the year and continuing candidates will be re-enrolled at the beginning of each academic year. The coursework in which GCR candidates enrol are graded.

Successful completion of the GCR will provide you with an entry pathway into a masters by research, and possibly a doctoral degree, subject to achieving a minimum 5.5 GPA. 

Career Information

Graduates of the Graduate Certificate in Research will have advanced theoretical and specialist knowledge in the principals and methods that exist within research. This will equip graduates with the research training and skills for further learning within a research higher degree (GPA 5.5), or for application of foundation research skills within workplace contexts. Graduates will obtain sufficient knowledge to independently conduct research in a specific discipline.

Course Details
Duration 0.5 years full-time or 2 years part-time
Credit Points that Must be Earned 24
Number of Units Required CQUniversity uses the concept of credits to express the amount of study required for a particular course and individual units. The number of units varies between courses. Units in postgraduate courses normally consist of 8 points of credit or multiples thereof (e.g. 8, 16, 24).
Expected Hours of Study One point of credit is equivalent to an expectation of approximately two hours of student work per week in a term.
Course Type Postgraduate Award
Qualification (post nominal) GradCertResearch
AQF Level Level 8: Graduate Certificate

Admission Codes

Domestic Students
Tertiary Admission Centre Codes (TAC) Codes
Not Applicable
International Students
  • GLD - 097842M
  • ROK - 097842M
  • MKY - 097842M
  • BDG - 097842M
  • SYD - 097842M
  • MEL - 097842M
  • BNE - 097842M
  • NSA - 097842M
  • ADL - 097842M
  • CNS - 097842M
  • ROC - 097842M
  • MKC - 097842M
  • PER - 097842M
  • TVL - 097842M
Where and when can I start?
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What do I need to start?
Entry Requirements

To be eligible for entry to this course, a student will be required to demonstrate

- a completed bachelor degree in any discipline from an Australian university or college, or equivalent; or

- a recognised diploma (or equivalent vocational training qualifications) together with a minimum three years relevant professional experience; or

- a minimum of five years relevant professional experience AND formal skills or training to satisfy the Research Higher Degrees Committee of their capacity to undertake the qualification.

Students applying on the basis of experience may be required to provide evidence of writing skills.

Security Requirements
There are no special security requirements set by the University. However, if you are working in an industry setting, additional security considerations may be necessary.
Health Requirements
There are no special health requirements set by the University. However, if you are working in an industry setting, additional health considerations may be necessary.
Assumed Knowledge

An individual learning plan will be created for each student in the GCR, post-admission. 

Course Features

Awards and Accreditation

Interim Awards Not applicable
Exit Awards Not applicable
Professional Accreditation

Not applicable

Learned Society Accreditiation

Not applicable

Residential School Requirements

No Residential School for this course.

Practicum/Work Placement

Not applicable

Predicted Enrolments

Year Number of Students
First Year 20
Second year 25
Third Year 30
Core Learning Outcomes Learning Outcomes
  • 1. Conduct research ethically and according to the ideals that underpin the Australian research context, illustrating a high level of autonomy and accountability.
  • 2. Evaluate, assess and articulate contemporary research, research methodologies and research concepts.
  • 3. Formulate defensible research questions relevant to a specific discipline and design an approach to investigate research questions.
  • 4. Analyse and interpret results from a research project.
  • 5. Present research and communicate specialised knowledge coherently and creatively.
  Course Learning Outcomes
Australian Qualifications Framework Descriptors 1 2 3 4 5
1. KNOWLEDGE Have specialised knowledge within a systematic and coherent body of knowledge that may include the acquisition and application of knowledge and skills in a new or existing discipline or professional area
2. SKILLS Have cognitive skills to review,analyse, consolidate and synthesise knowledge and identify and provide solutions to complex problems
3. SKILLS Have cognitive skills to think critically and to generate and evaluate complex ideas
4. SKILLS Have specialised technical and creative skills in a field of highly skilled and/or professional practice
5. SKILLS Have communication skills to demonstrate an understanding of theoretical concepts
6. SKILLS Have communication skills to transfer complex knowledge and ideas to a variety of audiences
7. APPLICATION OF KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS Be able to make high level, independent judgements in a range of technical or management functions in varied specialised contexts
8. APPLICATION OF KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS Be able to initiate, plan, implement and evaluate broad functions within varied specialised technical and/or creative contexts
9. APPLICATION OF KNOWLEDGE & SKILL Be responsible and accountable for personal outputs and all aspects of the work or function of others within broad parameters
Course Structure

In order to complete this course, you must:

  1. Complete the core structure

Core Learning Outcomes Major

Number of units: 1 Total credit points: 24

This research qualification is time-based. This means the courses structure relies on study time and overall progress towards portfolio activities, rather than credit point accrual.

For all candidates, the core requirements are:

A minimum enrolment of 0.5 EFTSL (six months full time, or the part-time equivalent) in the core unit, RSXXYYYYY Research Portfolio. Students must complete EITHER the Research Portfolio Part Time Unit OR the Research Portfolio Full Time Unit. This unit must be repeatedly taken until the candidate has met the minimum ETFSL period.

The Graduate Certificate in Research requires that students complete EITHER the Research Portfolio Part Time Unit OR the Research Portfolio Full Time Unit. The course content is identical in both.

Available units
Students must complete the following compulsory units:
RSCH20004 Research Portfolio Part Time
Available units
Students must complete the following compulsory units:
RSCH20003 Research Portfolio Full time
More Details
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