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Welding for Engineers Short Course (NACC00085)

Course summary

These non-accredited short courses have been specifically designed for applicants with an Undergraduate or Postgraduate Engineering background, who wish to gain practical welding skills. 

This course covers the basics of how to set-up and will include tips and tricks of the weld. These courses are designed to give you the opportunity to participate in your chosen welding process. Applicants have the option to choose from one or more of MMAW (Electric Arc / Stick Welding), GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding) and GTAW (Tungsten Inert Gas). 

The cost of each short course will be $260.00.

Course details

Course Type Short Course (Non-accredited)
Student Availability
  • - Domestic
Application Mode
  • Direct To University
How to Apply Please Enquire
Study Area
  • - Apprenticeships, Trades & Training
Skill Area
  • - Engineering
AQF Level

Entry Requirements

Ideally, applicants should be a member of Engineers Australia. If applicants are not members of Engineers Australia, they should enquire about the Night Hobby Welding short course.

Student Outcomes, Career Opportunities and Occupations

This course is a non-accredited short course designed for the student to gain practical welding skills.

Course Structures

Please select a Course Structure from the options below:

Standard Course Structure

MMAW (Electric Arc / Stick Welding) NU0085A 

Generally known as stick or arc welding. Arc welding is the most basic of all welding types, is easy to master in a home welding situation. Can be used for manufacturing, construction and repairs, very much well suited for heavy metal size 4 millimetres upwards. 

GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding) NU0085B

More commonly called MIG welding this welding type is the most widely used and perhaps the most easily mastered type of welding for industry and home use. The GMAW process is suitable for fusing mild steel, stainless-steel as well as aluminium.

GTAW (Tungsten Inert Gas) NU0085C

TIG welding is comparable to oxy acetylene gas welding and needs a lot more expertise from the operator. Employed for carrying out high-quality work when a superior standard of finish is needed w´╗┐ithout making use of excessive clean up by sanding or grinding.

Course Availabilities

CQUniversity Gladstone City

This non-accredited short course is available at CQUniversity Gladstone City.

Duration and dates
2 classes for 2 hours each class.


Choose one or more of the following classes:

MMAW (Electric Arc / Stick Welding)

Tuesday, 18 April 2017 and Wednesday, 19 April 2017.

GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding)

Tuesday, 26 April 2017 and Wednesday, 27 April 2017.

GTAW (Tungsten Inert Gas)

Tuesday, 2 May 2017 and Wednesday, 3 May 2017.

All classes will be held from 6pm - 8 pm at Building C, Room 2.10 (outside the Metal Fabrication workshop).

Students will need to supply their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for this short course. This includes wearing Cotton Drill Long Sleeved Clothing and Steel Capped Boots. Students must bring long welding gloves, TIG welding gloves, welding screens/masks and Clear Safety Glasses.

2018 Unit Availabilities

Unit availabilities have not yet been finalised for this course.

Please check this page regularly for updates.

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