CG92 Bachelor of Medical Imaging

In order to complete this course, you must:

  1. Complete the core structure

Core Structure

Number of units: 25 Total credit points: 192

Year 1: Year 1 has a flexible structure in that it may be studied either full-time or part-time and either by distance or on campus. Students are required to study across all 3 terms.

Year 1 - Term 1
Students must complete the following compulsory units:
BMSC11001 Human Body Systems 1
ESSC11004 Study and Research Skills for Health Science
MEDI11002 Physics for Health Sciences
Year 1 - Term 2
Students must complete the following compulsory units:
MEDI11001 Fundamentals of the Imaging Professions
MEDI11005 Patient Care in the Allied Health Professions
BMSC11002 Human Body Systems 2
Year 1 - Term 3
Students must complete the following compulsory units:
MEDI11003 Relational Anatomy
MEDI11004 Professional Practice
MPAT12001 Medical Pathophysiology

Year 2: Extensive learning activity takes place in the clinical simulation laboratories during profession-specific units other than clinical placement. All Year 2 profession-specific units in Terms 1 and 2 other than the clinical placement unit are run as internal units at the Mackay Ooralea campus. For periods of internal study each term, students should expect to be on campus most days each week due to the number of labs and tutorials. Final assessments in internal units will take place during the Exam period (weeks 13 - 14 of term) in both Terms 1 and 2. MEDI12004 Medical Imaging Clinical Course 1 is a five week full-time clinical placement which takes place during the first five weeks of Term 2. Two on-campus units run in intensive mode from Weeks 6 - 12 of that term. In Term 3, students will attend their second 5 week placement in either of November/December or February/March and will also complete a distance unit with a mandatory residential school component.

Year 2 - Term 1
Students must complete the following compulsory units:
MEDI12001 Radiation Science
MEDI12002 Science and Instrumentation 1
MEDI12003 Imaging Procedures 1
Year 2 - Term 2
Students must complete the following compulsory units:
MEDI12004 Medical Imaging Clinical Placement 1
MEDI12006 Imaging Procedures 2
MEDI12005 Science and Instrumentation 2
Year 2 - Term 3
Students must complete the following compulsory units:
MEDI12007 Quality Processes for Dose and Image Optimisation
MEDI13004 Medical Imaging Clinical Placement 2

Year 3: Extensive learning activity takes place in the clinical simulation laboratories within the profession-specific units that are scheduled across Terms 1 and 2 of Year 3. In Term 2, the MEDI13006 Imaging Procedures unit will be scheduled on campus in intensive mode during Weeks 1 - 5 of term. MEDI13005 Medical Imaging Clinical Course 3 is scheduled in a continuous 12 week block from Week 7 of Term 2 to Week 3 of Term 3. The first Year 4 placement MEDI14006 commences in Week 9 of Term 3 and runs as a continuous 12 week block to Week 5 of Term 1 of the following year. Each of these 12 week placement blocks include 11 weeks of clinical experience, giving the student 5 leave/study days.

Year 3 - Term 1
Students must complete the following compulsory units:
MEDI13001 Science and Instrumentation 3
MEDI13002 Imaging Procedures 3
MEDI13008 Imaging Pathways in the Diagnostic Process
Year 3 - Term 2
Students must complete the following compulsory units:
MEDI13006 Imaging Procedures 4
MEDI13005 Medical Imaging Clinical Placement 3
Year 3 - Term 3
Students must complete the following compulsory units:
MEDI14001 Transition to Independent Practice
MEDI14006 Medical Imaging Clinical Placement 4

Year 4: Year 4 of the course is studied entirely by distance on clinical placement. Students continue their MEDI14006 placement from Term 3 into Week 5 of Term 1, then proceed to their final placement  (MEDI14005 Medical Imaging Clinical Practicum). This 17 week placement is scheduled from Week 7 of Term 1 to Break Week of Term 2. The block includes 16 weeks of clinical experience plus 5 days of leave/study time.

Year 4 - Term 1
Students must complete the following compulsory units:
MEDI14005 Medical Imaging Clinical Practicum

Clinical Placement:

Students complete extensive work integrated learning through five block placements that are scheduled in Years 2 - 4. Students must meet specific pre-clinical health, safety, security and licensing requirements prior to each placement, and must disclose any condition that may put themselves or the public at significant risk whilst on placement. Due to limited availability of clinical placements, some block placements have start and/or end dates that fall outside standard term start and end dates. All students will be required to attend placements at a range of locations and of a range of facility types. As placements are located throughout Queensland and availability is limited in each community, students may be placed at locations that are not of their choosing. Students must prepare financially and personally to relocate for placements, and are responsible for the associated costs. In accordance with course accreditation standards of the Medical Radiation Practice Board of Australia, students must, over the four years of the course, attend blocks of placements in at least three different communities (including regional and/or rural) and in a range of facilities that is sufficient to provide the scope and volume of clinical experience needed to meet all course and external accreditation requirements.

Whilst on placement, students will perform imaging procedures on and provide hands-on care to people who may be ill or injured. Students will need to be physically fit, able to stand and walk for extended periods, lift, stretch, carry heavy loads and have sufficient visual acuity and contrast sensitivity to assess fine detail of images and perform safely in a range of lighting conditions. Students will undertake clinical assessments on performance of imaging procedures, professional behavioural and technical skills.

Clinical Simulation Laboratory Learning

Years 1 - 3 of the course include hands-on learning in the clinical simulation medical imaging laboratories on campus during most terms. Students must demonstrate professional behaviours including regular attendance and meeting the course dress code during clinical simulation laboratory sessions. During simulations of imaging procedures, all students will participate in role play as radiographer and patient. These essential learning activities may require partial removal of clothing to the level that is required for the simulation and will involve touching and being touched by peers. If a student is unable to participate in both roles, the student's ability to attain required skills and complete unit assessments may be impacted.

Currency of Clinical Knowledge and Skill

To ensure student readiness for each clinical placement unit, prerequisite Imaging Procedures units are specified and must have been completed within twelve months of commencing the clinical unit. If this twelve month period has been exceeded, the student must undergo a formal refresher of technical and professional skills at Mackay campus. The refresher will include time spent practicing procedures and completing multiple assessments of knowledge and skills.