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Course Code Course Name
CM15 Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)(Major) and Master of Project Management in Engineering
CC71 Master of Clinical Chiropractic
CM38 Graduate Certificate in Business Consulting
CC19 Graduate Certificate in Asset and Maintenance Management
CC51 Graduate Certificate in Business Administration
CL16 Graduate Certificate in Clinical Nursing
CH86 Graduate Certificate in Clinical Ultrasound
CL64 Graduate Certificate in Counter-Terrorism and Operational Medicine
CM05 Graduate Certificate in Cross-Cultural Practice
CC27 Graduate Certificate in Emergency and Disaster Management
CH80 Graduate Certificate in Emergency and Health Services Management
CM37 Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainability
CC78 Graduate Certificate in Fatigue Risk Management
CC29 Graduate Certificate in Information Systems
CC28 Graduate Certificate in Information Technology
CH76 Graduate Certificate in Management
CL02 Graduate Certificate in Nursing (International Registered Nurse Entry)
CH79 Graduate Certificate in Nursing (Re-Entry)
CM59 Graduate Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety
CH84 Graduate Certificate in Positive Psychology
CC38 Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting
CC33 Graduate Certificate in Project Management
CL46 Graduate Certificate in Public Health
CV76 Graduate Certificate in Religious Education
CL58 Graduate Certificate in Research
CG68 Graduate Certificate in Tertiary and Adult Education
CC20 Graduate Diploma of Asset and Maintenance Management
CM54 Graduate Diploma of Aviation
CL17 Graduate Diploma of Aviation (Flight Operations)
CC52 Graduate Diploma of Business Administration
CL74 Graduate Diploma of Cardiac Ultrasound
CL18 Graduate Diploma of Clinical Nursing
CL83 Graduate Diploma of Construction Management
CL70 Graduate Diploma of Counter-Terrorism and Operational Medicine
CM39 Graduate Diploma of Emergency and Disaster Management
CV87 Graduate Diploma of Engineering
CB57 Graduate Diploma of Health Promotion
CC67 Graduate Diploma of Human Resource Management
CC47 Graduate Diploma of Information Systems
CC46 Graduate Diploma of Information Technology
CM36 Graduate Diploma of International Business
CM19 Graduate Diploma of Laboratory Medicine
CM35 Graduate Diploma of Leading Organisational Change
CM34 Graduate Diploma of Marketing
CL89 Graduate Diploma of Nutrition
CC77 Graduate Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety
CC70 Graduate Diploma of Paramedic Science (Critical Care Practice)
CL19 Graduate Diploma of Positive Psychology
CC35 Graduate Diploma of Professional Accounting
CV81 Graduate Diploma of Project Management
CL44 Graduate Diploma of Public Health
CC34 Graduate Diploma of Teaching
CL41 Master of Applied Positive Psychology
CC18 Master of Asset and Maintenance Management
CL20 Master of Business Administration
CL97 Master of Business Administration (Global)
CL84 Master of Business Administration (International)
CL21 Master of Business Management
CL22 Master of Clinical Nursing
CG17 Master of Clinical Psychology
CM49 Master of Clinical Psychology (Advanced Entry)
CL82 Master of Construction Management
CM52 Master of Emergency and Disaster Management
CV82 Master of Engineering
CC53 Master of Information Systems
CC54 Master of Information Technology
CM18 Master of Laboratory Medicine
CC74 Master of Management for Engineers
CV83 Master of Medical Ultrasound
CL88 Master of Nutrition and Dietetics
CM12 Master of Paramedic Science (Critical Care Practice)
CH87 Master of Paramedic Science (Primary Healthcare Practice)
CC57 Master of Professional Accounting
CM47 Master of Professional Accounting Accelerated
CL68 Master of Professional Psychology
CV84 Master of Project Management
CL45 Master of Public Health
CV89 Master of Sustainable Tourism Management
CM43 Master of Teaching (Early Childhood)
CC45 Master of Teaching (Primary)
CL05 Master of Teaching (Secondary)
CM45 Professional Certificate in Business (Data Science)
CM50 Professional Certificate in Business (e-Commerce)