CL39 Master of Business Administration (Leadership)

In order to complete this course, you must:

  1. Complete the core structure

Core Structure

Number of units: 11 Total credit points: 72

Given the self study nature of the course, you are encouraged to study units in a particular order of progression to complete the Master of Business Administration. Ultimately, it is your choice but you are strongly advised and encouraged regarding the progression of learning that will most likely result in successful completion of this course. Every unit is worth 6 Credit Points, except the Leadership Capstone, which will be worth 12 credit points. You will be restricted from starting this unit until you have fully completed all the preceding units. The course has been split into three phases; Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters, each consisting of units worth 24 Credit Points. Students are encouraged to fully complete each phase before moving to the next. All units are compulsory, there are no optional or elective units or provision for recognised prior learning.

Master of Business Administration (Leadership) course structure

Phase # Unit Code Unit Name
Phase 1 - Graduate Certificate 1 BUSN20022   Disruption, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
2 BUSN20023  People, Leadership & Culture
3 BUSN20024  Communication for Leadership Success
4 BUSN20025  Strategic Marketing
Exit Point for Graduate Certificate
Phase 2 - Graduate Diploma 5 BUSN20026  Accounting for Business Decisions
6 BUSN20027  Contemporary Leadership
7 BUSN20028  Global Economics
8 BUSN20029  International Business Law
Exit Point for Graduate Diploma
Phase 3 - MBA 9 BUSN20030  Strategies for Business Leaders
10 BUSN20031  Social Innovation
11&12 BUSN20032  Leadership Capstone

Available units
Students must complete the following compulsory units:
BUSN20022 Disruption, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
BUSN20023 People, Leadership and Culture
BUSN20024 Communication for Leadership Success
BUSN20025 Strategic Marketing
BUSN20026 Accounting for Business Decisions
BUSN20027 Contemporary Leadership
BUSN20028 Global Economics
BUSN20029 Business Legal Frameworks
BUSN20030 Strategies for Business Leaders
BUSN20031 Social Innovation
BUSN20032 Leadership Capstone