CM16 Bachelor of Midwifery (Graduate Entry)

In order to complete this course, you must:

  1. Complete the core structure

Core Structure

Number of units: 12 Total credit points: 96

Bachelor of Midwifery (Graduate Entry) students are required to be registered nurses with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and have an undergraduate degree for acceptance into the course.

The Head of Course will confirm that the prospective student has been accepted by a clinical facility that meets ANMAC requirements for placements as a student midwife.

Enrolment numbers will be capped to ensure that students are able to achieve the minimum clinical requirements, for example, primary accoucheur of 30 births as required by the ANMAC Midwifery Education Standards.

Course Progression

It is essential that you undertake all units in this course as per the course structure. Pre-requisite units and co-requisite units must be completed in order to progress in your study. Exceptions to this may apply with approval from the Head of Course. When unforeseen circumstances adversely impact the ability to achieve the required number of clinical hours, a practicum outstanding (PO) may be awarded as an interim grade until the hours have been achieved. In cases such as this, students will be given permission to enrol in the subsequent terms units, however, they may be required to withdraw prior to the census date thus avoiding financial and academic penalties should they not have achieved the outstanding requirements by this time.

Residential Schools 

The course contains three compulsory week-long residential schools. These are aligned to Terms 1 and 2 of the first year and Term 1 of the second year. Attendance is 100% compulsory without exception. Failure to attend 100% of the residential school will result in the inability to progress in the course. Final confirmed dates for residential schools are released approximately two weeks prior and are determined by the CQUniversity timetabling department. Please note that CQUniversity retains the right to change the dates subsequent to institutional requirements. The cost associated with attending residential schools such as travel and accommodation is at the student's expense. Students will be notified of the campus location where the residential school will be held.

Midwifery Practice Experience (MPE)

Students will be required to complete 224 hours of MPE per term. In addition to this, students are required to undertake continuity of care experiences (COCE). The cumulative total will be a minimum of 896 clinical hours plus a minimum of 100 hours across 10 COCE. Students will be required to adhere to all relevant Work Integrated Learning (WIL) policies, inclusive of the student charter and student misconduct policies, and additionally, the relevant Bachelor of Midwifery (Graduate Entry) specific guidelines.

Students will undertake formative and summative assessments each term and this will include clinical assessment. This will require completion of the Australian Midwifery Standardised Assessment Tool (AMSAT) document by a Registered Midwife who supervises the student. 

To be eligible to graduate with a Bachelor of Midwifery (Graduate Entry) students must successfully complete the following:

Available units
Students must complete the following compulsory units:
MDWF12007 Professional Midwifery Practice: Legal and Ethical Frameworks
MDWF12002 Foundations of Midwifery 1
MDWF12003 Midwifery Practice 1
MDWF12004 Critical Inquiry and Midwifery Practice
MDWF12005 Foundations of Midwifery 2
MDWF12006 Midwifery Practice 2
MDWF13007 Midwifery Practice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Families
MDWF13008 Foundations of Midwifery 3
MDWF13003 Midwifery Practice 3
MDWF14002 Pharmacology for Midwifery Practice
MDWF13009 Foundations of Midwifery 4
MDWF13006 Midwifery Practice 4