CL46 Graduate Certificate in Public Health

In order to complete this course, you must:

  1. Complete the core structure
  2. Complete electives

Core Structure

Number of units: 2 Total credit points: 12

It is recommended students undertake the compulsory units prior to enrolling in the elective unit.

Compulsory units

Available units
Students must complete the following compulsory units:
PBHL20001 Understanding Public Health
PBHL20002 Systems Thinking in Public Health

Course Structure 2 - Elective Elective

Number of units: 2 Total credit points: 12

Consideration should be given to the campus and term of offering.

You must complete 12 credit points from the following list.

Available units
Students may choose to do any of the following:
PBHL20003 Epidemiology and Statistics
PBHL20005 Global Public Health
PBHL29001 Social Innovation and Health: Human-Centred Design Thinking
PBHL29002 Communicable Diseases