CL79 Graduate Certificate in Gerontology

In order to complete this course, you must:

  1. Complete the core structure
  2. Complete electives

Core Structure

Number of units: 3 Total credit points: 18

This course comprises 4 units. There are 3 compulsory units and 1 elective. The elective may only be selected from the units listed.

Available units
Students must complete the following compulsory units:
HLTH28001 Advanced Practice Gerontological Nursing 1
HAGE20001 Contemporary Approaches to Gerontological Care
DCHA20003 Supporting Older People with Cognitive and Sensory Changes


Number of units: 1 Total credit points: 6

Students are required to complete 1 elective.

Available units
Students may choose to do any of the following:
DEME20002 Supporting and Caring for People with Dementia
DFVP20001 Domestic and Family Violence Practice: Key Concepts and Perspectives
NURS20178 Alcohol and Other Drugs
DCHA20001 Ageing in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
DCHA20004 Service Provision and Ageing
DEME20003 Supporting People With Dementia
HAGE20005 Health Promotion for Healthy Ageing