CA44 Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

In order to complete this course, you must:

  1. Complete the core structure

Core Structure

Number of units: 8 Total credit points: 48

The honours course comprises 50% coursework (normally 4 units equivalent) and 50% dissertation. The Course is available in the following areas: Creative Writing, Digital Media, Geography & Environmental Studies, History, Literary & Cultural Studies, Music, Professional Communication and Sociology.

The coursework involves supervised reading units. Students will consult with an academic in the relevant discipline and negotiate suitable topics. Students cannot complete this component without appropriate supervisors and agreed topics. The dissertation typically involves a supervisor, an agreed topic, and the outcome is a dissertation of 15-20,000 words. Details of the specific learning outcomes, set texts and readings, materials and assessment will be negotiated with the supervisor. Once the topics have been agreed, the course advisor will confirm the student's enrolment. Students are required to contact the relevant course advisor and Head of the Honours Course prior to enrolment.

The Honours course comprises the following unit codes: HONS20001 Coursework A, HONS20002 Coursework B, HONS20003 Coursework C, HONS20004 Coursework D, HONS20005 Dissertation A, HONS20006 Dissertation B. Full-time students will enrol in two coursework and one dissertation code for each of their first and second terms. Part-time students will enrol in two coursework codes for each of their first two terms (year 1) and a dissertation code in each of their third and fourth terms (year 2). Full details of the units and dissertation are provided on a Moodle website.

The Honours course consists of 50 per cent (24 units of credit) coursework and 50 percent (24 units of credit) dissertation. Coursework consists of 4 units or equivalent based on assessment. Details of the assessment and word length of the dissertation will be advised by School.

Available units
Students must complete the following compulsory units:
HONS20001 Coursework A
HONS20002 Coursework B
HONS20003 Coursework C
HONS20004 Coursework D
HONS20005 Dissertation A
HONS20006 Dissertation B