CC67 Graduate Diploma of Human Resource Management

In order to complete this course, you must:

  1. Complete the core structure

Core Structure

Number of units: 8 Total credit points: 48

Available units
Students must complete the following compulsory units:
HRMT20024 Managing Human Resources
Available units
Students must complete 4 from the following units:
ECON20039 Economics for Managers
MGMT20129 Managing People, Organisations and Context
ACCT20077 Accounting for Management Decision Making
FINC20018 Managerial Finance
MRKT20052 Marketing Management and Digital Communications
STAT20029 Statistics for Managerial Decisions
MGMT20130 Operations Management and Business Analytics
COIT20274 Information Systems for Business Professionals
LAWS20058 Australian Commercial Law
Available units
Students must complete 3 from the following units:
HRMT20026 Strategic Human Resource Management
HRMT20028 Organisational Change Management
HRMT20025 International Human Resource Management
HRMT20030 Contemporary Human Resource Management and People Analytics
HRMT20027 Employment Relations
HRMT20029 International Employment Relations