EDED13433 - Assessment and Reporting

General Information

Unit Synopsis

Assessment and Reporting builds students' knowledge and understanding of the purposes of assessment and processes for using assessment techniques and tools for monitoring, informing, improving and enhancing student learning. Students develop formats for recording assessment data and information to meet reporting and accountability standards in contemporary educational contexts. Students understand curriculum, pedagogy and assessment as inter-related components that need to be considered together in the creation of effective learning programs and use principles of effective design to create formative, diagnostic and summative assessment that is responsive to the needs of different students and educational contexts.


Level Undergraduate
Unit Level 3
Credit Points 6
Student Contribution Band 1
Fraction of Full-Time Student Load 0.125
Pre-requisites or Co-requisites There are no pre-requisites for the unit.
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Residential School No Residential School

Unit Availabilities from Term 1 - 2019

Term 1 - 2019 Profile

Attendance Requirements

All on-campus students are expected to attend scheduled classes – in some units, these classes are identified as a mandatory (pass/fail) component and attendance is compulsory. International students, on a student visa, must maintain a full time study load and meet both attendance and academic progress requirements in each study period (satisfactory attendance for International students is defined as maintaining at least an 80% attendance record).

Assessment Overview

Recommended Student Time Commitment

Each 6-credit Undergraduate unit at CQUniversity requires an overall time commitment of an average of 12.5 hours of study per week, making a total of 150 hours for the unit.

Assessment Tasks

Assessment Task Weighting
1. Group Work 50%
2. Practical and Written Assessment 50%

This is a graded unit: your overall grade will be calculated from the marks or grades for each assessment task, based on the relative weightings shown in the table above. You must obtain an overall mark for the unit of at least 50%, or an overall grade of ‘pass’ in order to pass the unit. If any ‘pass/fail’ tasks are shown in the table above they must also be completed successfully (‘pass’ grade). You must also meet any minimum mark requirements specified for a particular assessment task, as detailed in the ‘assessment task’ section (note that in some instances, the minimum mark for a task may be greater than 50%).

Consult the University’s Grades and Results Procedures for more details of interim results and final grades

Past Exams

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Previous Feedback

Term 1 - 2018 : The overall satisfaction for students in the last offering of this course was 4 (on a 5 point Likert scale), based on a 30.08% response rate.

Feedback, Recommendations and Responses

Every unit is reviewed for enhancement each year. At the most recent review, the following staff and student feedback items were identified and recommendations were made.

Source: Student feedback
The Moodle site and format and location of the Zoom recordings could be easier to navigate
The layout of the Moodle site will be revised.
Action Taken
There was no difficulty identifying Zoom recordings. The moodle layout was extensively redesigned for 2018 but may require further adjustment.
Source: Student feedback
Students reported difficulty with meeting the task deadline due to working in groups via Distance for Assessment Task 1
Consider the timing of Assessment Task 1. Flag the group requirement on the Moodle site and in an email to all students in week 1.
Action Taken
Task 1 group arrangements were managed smoothly.
Source: Student feedback
Students largely reported high levels of satisfaction with the content and assessment tasks.
Maintain strong links to classroom practice.
Action Taken
Students continue to appreciate the strong practice links of the unit.
Source: Student Evaluation Feedback
The navigation of the moodle site would be improved if presented as a continuous book, with just different pages for the different topics.
Reconfigure moodle layout
Action Taken
Source: Student Evaluation Feedback
Students appreciate the practical and informative nature of the unit and learning about the process involved when creating a unit of work and the assessments embedded within.
Maintain and make explicit the links to practice
Action Taken
Unit learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, you will be able to:

  1. Apply knowledge of the principles of effective assessment to critique, recommend or select practices, tools and techniques that support learning
  2. Interpret data from various sources to inform the development of assessment
  3. Construct and use a range of assessment tools for formative and summative assessment of elements of the curriculum
  4. Engage in feedback and moderation processes to make consistent and comparable judgments against task criteria
  5. Adapt assessment strategies to cater for diverse learning needs and provide opportunities for inclusive participation in assessment and the demonstration of learning
  6. Develop recording mechanisms for reporting learner progress and communicating information about the quality of learning to students, parents and carers.

Successful completion of this unit provides opportunities for students to engage with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (Graduate Career Stage) focus areas of:

1.1 Physical, social and intellectual development and characteristics of students

1.2 Understand how students learn

2.3 Curriculum, assessment and reporting

4.1 Support student participation

5.1 Assess student learning

5.2 Provide feedback to students on their learning

5.3 Make consistent and comparable judgements

5.4 Interpret student data

5.5 Report on student achievement

Alignment of Assessment Tasks to Learning Outcomes
Assessment Tasks Learning Outcomes
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 - Group Work
2 - Practical and Written Assessment
Alignment of Graduate Attributes to Learning Outcomes
Introductory Level
Intermediate Level
Graduate Level
Graduate Attributes Learning Outcomes
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 - Communication
2 - Problem Solving
3 - Critical Thinking
4 - Information Literacy
5 - Team Work
7 - Cross Cultural Competence
8 - Ethical practice
Alignment of Assessment Tasks to Graduate Attributes
Introductory Level
Intermediate Level
Graduate Level
Assessment Tasks Graduate Attributes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 - Group Work
2 - Practical and Written Assessment