OLTC20002 - Assessment for Learning

General Information

Unit Synopsis

This unit will enhance your understanding of current assessment practices drawing on relevant policies and theories. You will consider the crucial role that assessment has on student learning and student engagement. You will reflect upon your own assessment practices and evaluate their efficiency and effectiveness based on scholarly review. You will examine the suitability of a range of assessment strategies across a variety of learning environments.


Level Postgraduate
Unit Level Not Applicable
Credit Points 6
Student Contribution Band 1
Fraction of Full-Time Student Load 0.125
Pre-requisites or Co-requisites

Pre-requisite: OLTC20003 Nature of Learning and Teaching or OLTC20005 Adult Learning in Practice

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Residential School No Residential School

Unit Availabilities from Term 2 - 2019

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Attendance Requirements

All on-campus students are expected to attend scheduled classes – in some units, these classes are identified as a mandatory (pass/fail) component and attendance is compulsory. International students, on a student visa, must maintain a full time study load and meet both attendance and academic progress requirements in each study period (satisfactory attendance for International students is defined as maintaining at least an 80% attendance record).

Assessment Overview

Recommended Student Time Commitment

Each 6-credit Postgraduate unit at CQUniversity requires an overall time commitment of an average of 12.5 hours of study per week, making a total of 150 hours for the unit.

Assessment Tasks

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This is a pass/fail (non-graded) unit. To pass the unit, you must pass all of the individual assessment tasks shown in the table above.

Past Exams

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Previous Feedback

Term 2 - 2017 : The overall satisfaction for students in the last offering of this course was 4.2 (on a 5 point Likert scale), based on a 66.67% response rate.

Feedback, Recommendations and Responses

Every unit is reviewed for enhancement each year. At the most recent review, the following staff and student feedback items were identified and recommendations were made.

Source: Student feedback from unit evaluations
The provided example assessments are of a high quality and some students have asked for more information as to why these examples are deemed to be high quality.
The provided examples be annotated to explain why they are deemed to be very high quality.
Action Taken
In consultations with students it is explained why the exemplars are of such a high quality and how they align with the learning outcomes and assessment requirements for this unit
Source: Some students asked for clarification around some of the specifics associate with the assessment tasks.
Explanation of the assessment tasks
The task explanation in the unit profile should be reviewed for clarity and readability.
Action Taken
This has been clarified on the Moodle site and in consultations with the students. Much of the issue is associated with the variability in each students teaching/assessment specifics. This has been resolved by talking it through with the students in the context of their own units.
Source: Unit Evaluation
The videos from assorted lecturers were great and very informative.
Explore the opportunity to add more of these videos in the future
Action Taken
Unit learning Outcomes
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