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10972NAT - Diploma of Justice Studies

Course Details

Course Summary

The Diploma of Justice Studies is the ideal course to provide you with the skills and knowledge to launch your career in a range of justice and/or law enforcement fields.

The course will provide you with a thorough understanding of justice related areas including legislation and legal frameworks, social justice, crime and corrections, ethics in the public sector, interviewing, evidence law, and investigation.

This course has been designed in conjunction with industry practitioners from the Queensland Police Service, The Department of Justice and Attorney General, the Australian Federal Police, Queensland Corrective Services, and the Australian Border Force. 


Entry Requirements

Completion of the bksb (Basic Key Skills Builder) online literacy and numeracy assessment prior to enrolment, unless the student has completed an equal or higher level course.

What is the purpose of bksb?  

The bksb is an approved online review tool that will give the student a level for their English (literacy) and Maths (numeracy) levels, and can also help to identify any skill gaps or areas that the student might need additional support in.

It is beneficial for those seeking entry into the Diploma of Justice Studies to satisfy at least one of the entry requirements provided below:

  • successful completion of a Certificate IV in Justice Studies; or
  • successful completion of Certificate IV qualification; or
  • completion of Year 12 or equivalent with a sound achievement in English, or


  • relevant work or life experience in the business or justice fields.

VET Student Loan Information

VET Student Loans may be available for eligible students in approved Diploma level qualifications. The loan can be used towards Tuition Fees only and does not cover additional expenses such as textbooks, uniforms, equipment, travel, tools, and accommodation or general living expenses. Loan limits or caps may apply for some eligible courses and where a loan limit is reached for a course, students may be required to pay upfront for any remaining units.

For more information or to check your eligibility for a VET Student Loan, please visit our VET Student Loans webpage or contact us .

Course Details

Course Type Qualification
Student Availability
  • Domestic
Full Fee $8,750.00 (2024)
Subsidised Full Fee $6,160.00 (2024)
Subsidised Concession Fee $5,376.00 (2024)
Fee for service per unit $625.00 (2024)
Subsidised full fee per unit $440.00 (2024)
RPL Fee for service per Unit $313.00 (2024)
For detailed information on Course Fees, visit
Application Mode
  • Direct To University
How to Apply Please Enquire or Apply Now
Study Area
  • Business, Accounting and Law
Skill Area
  • Justice and Law Enforcement
AQF Level Level 5: Diploma

Admission Codes

Domestic Students
Tertiary Admission Centre Codes (TAC) Codes
Not Applicable
International Students
Not Applicable

Student Outcomes, Career Opportunities and Occupations

This qualification consists of competency in 8 core and 6 elective units. Upon completing all 14 units, students will receive a Diploma of Justice Studies.

Career opportunities: Australian Border Force Officer, Protective Services Officer, Police Officer (State or Federal), Paralegal /Legal Administration, Corrections Officer, Court Services Officer, Private Investigator, Youth Justice Roles, Local/State, Government Administrator, Government Investigator.


Course Structures

In order to complete this course, you must:

  1. Complete 8 core units
  2. Complete 6 elective units

This course has been structured into stages/clusters, with a goal of streamlining the enrolment/learning process. These Clusters have been designed as a recommended study plan to ensure all course requirements are met.

For full time study, students may enrol in up to three stages at a time starting with Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3. One stage is equivalent to one unit. For part time study, students may enrol into one stage at a time starting with Stage 1. This is equivalent to one unit of study.

Students will enrol as per the recommended sequence of stages starting from Stage 1 through to Stage 12. Note: Stage 11 incorporates three units taught simultaneously. It is recommended that students do not enrol in any other stages whilst enrolled in Stage 11.

Study Mode Definitions

  • Online: Online courses provide the flexibility to study without normally requiring a student to visit a campus. Course content is studied through a number of means including the use of online discussion forums, electronic library resources, by contacting lecturers and teachers, and receiving study materials online/electronically. Work integrated learning, including placements, may be included in some courses.
  • On-campus: Students studying in on-campus mode typically are expected to attend and participate in regular, structured on-campus teaching and learning activities throughout the University’s academic term. These activities may include lectures, tutorials, workshops and practice, online or other activities and normally will be timetabled at a CQUniversity campus or approved delivery site.
  • Mixed Mode: Students studying in mixed mode will participate in a combination of online learning activities in addition to site-specific learning activities, which may include residential schools, co-op placements and/or work-integrated learning as a compulsory requirement of a unit. The additional site-specific learning activities are what differentiates a mixed-mode unit from an online unit.

*All study modes may include Vocational placement and/or work integrated learning.

Select a course structure below to view the delivery details, including the different study modes offered for each structure.

Please select a course structure from the options below:

12 mths - 24 months

One (1) unit per 10 week study period

To ensure you can manage your study load, we recommend limiting your workload to no more than one (1) unit per study period.


Some students may progress at a faster rate based on their experience, knowledge, and skills, as they would be able to apply the actual context of workplace experience to their assessments.



  • Online
  • Domestic

This qualification consists of competency in 8 core and 6 elective units.

On successful completion of all 14 units, students will receive a Diploma of Justice Studies.

Course Assessment Information

RPL - Students who have previous informal and formal learning need to advise their trainer/assessor prior to enrolment. If the student wishes to apply for an RPL they need to apply to the RPL Centre.
Credit transfer - If credit for relevant formal qualifications is sought, then the process will be actioned after the student has enrolled in at least one unit of competency as directed by the relevant trainer/assessor. The Trainer/Assessor will work with the student on their credit transfer application, and provide advice and support as necessary.
Assessment Types
Practical Task
Written/Electronic Assessment
Course Learning Outcomes
Where and when can I start?
Please view the more details information for any additional information related to this course.

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Online Course

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