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HLT33015 - Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance

Course Details

Course Summary

This qualification reflects the role of allied health assistants who provide assistance to allied health professionals under predetermined guidelines. Depending on the setting, work may include following treatment plans for therapeutic interventions and/or conducting programs under the regular direct, indirect or remote supervision of an allied health professional. 

Entry Requirements

Completion of the Basic Key Skills Builder (BKSB) online literacy and numeracy assessment prior to enrolment, unless the student has completed an equal or higher level course.

There are no other entry requirements for this course however all students are required to collect and complete mandatory checks as per CQUniversity policy in preparation for the compulsory vocational placement. Please make yourself familiar with Compulsory Pre-Placement Requirements.

These Mandatory Vocational Placement Requirements ensure patient and student safety. Also refer to the Clinical Placement Guidelines and Mandatory Checks Requirements for Vocational Placement requirements.

COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

The COVID-19 vaccination is mandatory to be eligible to attend a WIL placement for this course. Students will be required to provide evidence of having completed a COVID-19 vaccination schedule by the closing date prior to a WIL placement. The vaccine received must be a vaccine approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia.

Vocational Placement and Work Integrated Learning

Students must complete a Vocational Placement and/or Work Integrated Learning as part of this qualification.

Additional information

Vocational Placement is a compulsory part of this course, please refer to the Vocational Placement Guidelines for more details and requirements. Students must meet mandatory requirements as per CQUniversity policy prior to placement.  Any enquires should be directed to the Work Integrated Learning Team (WIL Team) via email to or call (07) 4930 9124.

Students studying this course will need to attend 2 x 2 day compulsory practical skills workshop prior to attending a practical work placement.  Workshops details will be provided by your teacher and students should confirm workshop dates and attendance prior to booking travel and accommodation.

Course Details

Course Type Qualification
Student Availability
  • Domestic
Full Fee $4,466.00 (2023)
Subsidised Full Fee $1,532.00 (2023)
Subsidised Concession Fee $935.00 (2023)
Fee for service per unit $406.00 (2023)
Subsidised full fee per unit $142.00 (2023)
TAFE Priority Training Program fee per unit $63.70 (2023)
For detailed information on Course Fees, visit
Application Mode
  • Direct To University
  • Other
How to Apply Please Enquire
Study Area
  • Health
Skill Area
  • Health
AQF Level Level 3: Certificate III

Admission Codes

Domestic Students
Tertiary Admission Centre Codes (TAC) Codes
Not Applicable
International Students
Not Applicable

Student Outcomes, Career Opportunities and Occupations

Allied health assistants are key members of the allied health team who support allied health professionals and provide direct client care, in the public or private sector.

They are responsible for providing client support, managing appointments, reporting, client education, assisting people to prevent or to manage health conditions.

Under supervision you can work as a direct support for Allied Health Professionals - these could include: Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist, Music Therapists, Dietitians/Nutritionists, Podiatrists.

Course Structures

In order to complete this course, you must:

  1. Complete 8 core units
  2. Complete 3 elective units

Study Mode Definitions

  • Online: Online courses provide the flexibility to study without normally requiring a student to visit a campus. Course content is studied through a number of means including the use of online discussion forums, electronic library resources, by contacting lecturers and teachers, and receiving study materials online/electronically. Work integrated learning, including placements, may be included in some courses.
  • On-campus: Students studying in on-campus mode typically are expected to attend and participate in regular, structured on-campus teaching and learning activities throughout the University’s academic term. These activities may include lectures, tutorials, workshops and practice, online or other activities and normally will be timetabled at a CQUniversity campus or approved delivery site.
  • Mixed Mode: Students studying in mixed mode will participate in a combination of online learning activities in addition to site-specific learning activities, which may include residential schools, co-op placements and/or work-integrated learning as a compulsory requirement of a unit. The additional site-specific learning activities are what differentiates a mixed-mode unit from an online unit.

*All study modes may include Vocational placement and/or work integrated learning.

Select a course structure below to view the delivery details, including the different study modes offered for each structure.

There is no course structure to show for this course.

Course Assessment Information

RPL - Students who have previous informal and formal learning need to advise their trainer/assessor prior to enrolment. If the student wishes to apply for an RPL they need to apply to the RPL Centre.
Credit transfer - If credit for relevant formal qualifications is sought, then the process will be actioned after the student has enrolled in at least one unit of competency as directed by the relevant trainer/assessor. The Trainer/Assessor will work with the student on their credit transfer application, and provide advice and support as necessary.
Assessment Types
Written/Electronic Assessment
Practical Task
Third Party Verification
Course Learning Outcomes
Where and when can I start?
Please view the more details information for any additional information related to this course.

Residential Schools/Workshops

BDSS Course Structure

This course includes compulsory site-specific attendance at residential schools and/or workshops. Select your preferred location for further details.
Mixed Mode
HLT33015 Allied Health Assistance
Location Mixed Mode, As per online timetable
Start Date To Be Advised
End Date To Be Advised
Start Time 8:30 AM
End Time 3:00 PM
Compulsory Yes

Domestic 2019 Availabilities

Domestic 2020 Availabilities

Domestic 2021 Availabilities

Domestic 2022 Availabilities

For individual class days and times for each intake please check the TAFE Timetable located here
The availabilities shown above are for the current and future years. To view any historic availabilities please press "Show Historic Availabilities" below:

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More Details

More Details

Online Timetable

Please refer to the online Timetable for the most up to date details for mixed mode residentials. Please note that dates and locations are subject to change. 

Residential School Information

Students studying this course will need to attend one, compulsory four day practical skills workshop.  Students will be required to have completed this workshop prior to attending a practical work placement. Students must have completed all written assessment in the first eight units prior to attending the skills workshop.  

Residential schools are offered across several CQUniversity campuses including:

- Townsville

- Mackay

- Rockhampton

- Gladstone

- Bundaberg.

Residential school details will be provided by your teacher and students must confirm workshop dates and attendance prior to booking travel and accommodation.  

Resource and Computing Requirements

It is a requirement of enrolment in this course that you have access to the CQUniversity website. You will be required to undertake various components of study in the course using email and the internet. 

It is strongly recommended that you have access to a broadband connection or higher to access online resources that would include but are not limited to, email, internet, video streaming, electronic assessment submission. 

All submissions of assessment must be uploaded electronically to the VET Moodle platform.

Clinical Placement Requirements

Students are required to complete:

  • mandatory work placement of at least 80 hours of work in a therapeutic workplace, and
  • the assessment conditions per unit of competency, which includes work placement and/or simulated assessment

IMPORTANT: Changes to Mandatory Check Requirements 

  • In compliance with CQU Immunisation Policy and for patient and student safety, there has been a number of changes for your mandatory check requirements. These changes take effect and are now mandatory for any placement commencing 1 January 2018 and onwards.   
  • Please click here for full details of your requirements or access these requirements via the Moodle Site.    
  • Please see Mandatory Cut-Off dates for submission dates of your mandatory checks. You will not be eligible to proceed to placement if you fail to meet the deadline; there are no extensions or exceptions.

Depending upon the capacity of the health care providers/facilities in the student’s geographical area, students will be expected to travel to an alternative location in order to complete their prescribed clinical placement. Students will only be offered one placement per student, per course, per term.

Any enquiries should be directed to the WIL (Work Integrated Learning) Team via email to or call (07) 4930 9124.