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PDC105835 - Military Academic Pathway Program Townsville

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Course Summary

The Military Academic Pathway Program (MAPP) Townsville is a four-week program designed to give ADF members a taste of university life. In this micro-credential, students will be introduced to a range of skills, concepts and approaches designed to help them feel capable and confident in the university environment. 

The program’s main focus is academic with an emphasis on research skills, critical thinking, digital literacy, and effective communication skills for academic purposes. However, a holistic approach will be adopted. Activities are also designed to encourage self-awareness, the development of positive study habits, and a sense of belonging. Students will be introduced to a range of services and resources available at CQUniversity to support their learning journey in MAPP and throughout their degree. They will be assisted in career planning and encouraged to explore the study options at CQUniversity. There will be opportunities to establish social networks at CQUniversity, including those with staff members and other students who are veterans.

Website: Military Academic Pathway Program Townsville

MAPP Course Structure

Module Topic
  Introduction to MAPP
1 Getting Ready for University
2 Practical Tips for Effective Learning
3 Back to Basics
4 Writing an Essay
5 Active Reading and Note-taking
6 Research Skills 
7 Critical Thinking
8 Paraphrasing and Referencing 
9 Career Planning
10 Oral Presentation Skills
11 Services and Support at CQUni

This is a non-creditable micro-credential which is awarded a digital badge and Certificate of Completion which can be shared to social networks and displayed in professional portfolios.

Our micro-credentials are aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

What is a Digital Badge?

Entry Requirements

The program is aimed at Australian Defence Force veterans in Townsville; this includes members still serving, those in the process of transition, and those who have already left the military. Applicants will be referred from The Oasis Townsville, the ADF's Joint Transition Authority team, members of Townsville's 3rd Brigade (Australian Army), and other related ADF organisations e.g. Department of Veteran Affairs.  

Students will be required to complete an enrolment form. A letter of release from their Supervising Officer will also be required. (See How to Apply).

Intake is limited to 25 students per cohort. 

Course Details

Course Type Short Course (Professional Development)
Student Availability
  • Domestic
Application Mode
  • Other
How to Apply

Applicants will be referred from The Oasis Townsville, the ADF's Joint Transition Authority team, members of Townsville's 3rd Brigade (Australian Army), and other related ADF organisations e.g. Department of Veteran Affairs.  

Please access the website below for further information. 

Website: Military Academic Pathways Program 

Contact: Jenny McDougall




Study Area
  • Work and Study Preparation
Skill Area
  • Education Support

Admission Codes

Domestic Students
Tertiary Admission Centre Codes (TAC) Codes
Not Applicable
International Students
Not Applicable

Student Outcomes, Career Opportunities and Occupations

The Military Academic Pathway Program (MAPP) Townsville will help prepare veterans for undergraduate study at CQUniversity. 

Upon successful completion of the micro-credential, students will be awarded Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours, a non-creditable micro-credential (Digital Badge) and a Certificate of Completion. Students may be given credit for one or more units in STEPS, upon application.

Course Structures

Study Mode Definitions

  • Online: Online courses provide the flexibility to study without normally requiring a student to visit a campus. Course content is studied through a number of means including the use of online discussion forums, electronic library resources, by contacting lecturers and teachers, and receiving study materials online/electronically. Work integrated learning, including placements, may be included in some courses.
  • On-campus: Students studying in on-campus mode typically are expected to attend and participate in regular, structured on-campus teaching and learning activities throughout the University’s academic term. These activities may include lectures, tutorials, workshops and practice, online or other activities and normally will be timetabled at a CQUniversity campus or approved delivery site.
  • Mixed Mode: Students studying in mixed mode will participate in a combination of online learning activities in addition to site-specific learning activities, which may include residential schools, co-op placements and/or work-integrated learning as a compulsory requirement of a unit. The additional site-specific learning activities are what differentiates a mixed-mode unit from an online unit.

*All study modes may include Vocational placement and/or work integrated learning.

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PDC105835 Military Academic Pathway Program Townsville is a four-week intensive face-to-face program (9am - 3pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays) with access to online resources via the BeDifferent platform.

  • Mixed Mode
No units are associated with this course

Course Learning Outcomes

Students will:         

  1. Apply critical self-reflection skills to career planning and the development of effective learning strategies
  2. Practise critical thinking 
  3. Practise digital and information literacies
  4. Use appropriate grammar and writing conventions for academic purposes
  5. Plan and deliver an oral presentation
  6. Plan and write an academic essay
  7. Interact with a range of services, resources and support systems available at CQUni.

MAPP Assessment

TASK Weight Due Date
Thesis-illustration paragraph 10% Week 2
Oral presentation 20% Week 3
Learning journal  20% End of Week 3
Essay (1000 words) 50% End of Week 4


Digital Badge via Credly

Students can also download a Certificate of Completion, share to social media, or add to a professional portfolio. 

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