Version Effective: 29th of April, 2020
Version Effective: 29th of April, 2020

PDC59449 - GPS Cows

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This online resource provides guidelines on getting started with the GPS system, using ArcGIS online, basis data analysis and scientific communication.

There are six (6) modules in this course, including:

  1. Getting started
  2. Getting your data ready for analysis
  3. Introduction to ARcGIS Online
  4. Data analysis in ARcGIS Online and Excel
  5. Communicating your Research
  6. Scientific Reading and Interpretation

There is no fee associated with this short course.

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Course Type Short Course (Professional Development)
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  • Domestic
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  • Education and Humanities
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  • General Education and Training
  • Rural Industries

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This resource provides Professional Development for high school teachers. This is a resource only and no CPD hours or Certificate of Completion will be allocated.

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Course Learning Outcomes

1. Understand the process of getting started with the GPS including the following:

  • How to build a GPS collar
  • GPS Configuration
  • How to start a GPS
  • How to fit a GPS collar
  • Data download and transfer

2. Understand the process of cleaning your data before analysis including the following:

  • Setting up your GPS spreadsheet
  • Selecting and removing bad data
  • Recalculating distance and speed

3. Understand how to use ArcGIS online including the following:

  • Logging in
  • Importing data
  • Creating a paddock boundary

4. Understand the process of getting your data ready for analysis in ArcGIS online and Excel including the following elements:

  • Daily activity
  • Buffers
  • Distance to feature (excel) and data comparison
  • Area utilisation
  • The effect of elevation
  • Soil

5. Understand how to communicate your research and findings through a poster

6. Have a basic understanding of how to read and interpret scientific papers.

There is no formal assessment.

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