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CB26 - Bachelor of Health Science (Specialisation)


Course Overview

The Bachelor of Health Science (Specialisation) aims to develop graduates who are able to apply their knowledge of specialist health care and related skills to a health setting. To enable this ability, the course is designed to build a high level of specialist health knowledge so you can assess situations involving patients, health care practitioners and clinical decisions from an informed perspective.
There is an emphasis on high level communication skills so that you can interact positively with patients and other health professionals in the clinical work environment. Decision making and problem solving ability will be promoted through coursework and the opportunity to gain exposure to 'real world' conditions whilst on placement in a professional work environment. This course is not accredited by an external body. Graduates of this course are not recognised by the relevant professional bodies as accredited or registered practitioners in their field.

Career Information

This course provides graduates with a broad range of skills and knowledge to work in an administrative or commercial capacity related to the student’s specialisation.

Course Details
Duration 3 years full-time or 6 years part-time
Credit Points that Must be Earned 144
Number of Units Required CQUniversity uses the concept of credits to express the amount of study required for a particular course and individual units. The number of units varies between courses. Units in undergraduate courses normally consist of 6 points of credit or multiples thereof (e.g. 12, 18, 24).
Expected Hours of Study One point of credit is equivalent to an expectation of approximately two hours of student work per week in a term.
Course Type Undergraduate Award
Qualification (post nominal) BHSc

Admission Codes

Domestic Students
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International Students
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Entry Scores
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Entry Requirements

Exit Only Award

Security Requirements
As for course of origin
Health Requirements
As for course of origin
Assumed Knowledge

Exit Only Award

Fees and Charges
Course Features

Awards and Accreditation

Interim Awards Not applicable
Exit Awards Not applicable
Professional Accreditation Not applicable
Learned Society Accreditation Not applicable

Residential School Requirements

No Residential School for this course.

Practicum/Work Placement

Not applicable

Previous Enrolments

Year Number of Students
2018 2
2017 5
2016 4
2015 4
Inherent Requirements
There are currently no inherent requirements associated with this course.
Core Learning Outcomes
  • 1. Exit Only Award
Please refer to the Core Structure Learning Outcomes
Course Structure

In order to complete this course, you must:

  1. Complete the core structure
Number of units: 0 Total credit points: 144

This course is available to students who wish to exit from:

  • Bachelor of Medical Sonography and Graduate Diploma of Medical Sonography (CG91)
  • Bachelor of Medical Imaging (CG92)

This course will enable students to exit with a Bachelor of Health Science (Specialisation). This will support career paths into health related service careers.

Students attend work-based learning for varying durations with mandatory health and security requirements as detailed in the parent courses.

Students gain credit for all 144 credit points completed in their course of origin.

Available units
Students must complete the following compulsory units:
BMSC11001 Human Body Systems 1
ESSC11004 Study and Research Skills for Health Science
MEDI11002 Physics for Health Sciences
MEDS11001 Fundamentals of Ultrasound Practice
MEDI11004 Professional Practice
BMSC11002 Human Body Systems 2
MEDS11002 Relational Anatomy and Image Recognition
MEDS12002 Abdominal Ultrasound
MEDS12001 Physics of Ultrasound
MEDS12003 Superficial Structures in Ultrasound
MPAT12001 Medical Pathophysiology
MEDS12004 Sonographic Skills Development 1
MEDS12006 Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology 1
MEDS12007 Medical Sonography Clinical Unit 1
MEDS13007 Musculoskeletal Sonography
MEDS13001 Obstetric and Breast Ultrasound
MEDS13002 Sonographic Skills Development 2
MEDS13008 Vascular Sonography
MEDS13006 Medical Sonography Clinical Unit 2
MEDS13009 Obstetric and Paediatric Sonography
MEDS13010 Quality Practice in Diagnostic Imaging


Available units
Students must complete the following compulsory units:
MEDI11002 Physics for Health Sciences
MEDI11005 Patient Care in the Allied Health Professions
BMSC11001 Human Body Systems 1
ESSC11004 Study and Research Skills for Health Science
MEDI11001 Fundamentals of the Imaging Professions
MEDI11003 Relational Anatomy
MEDI11004 Professional Practice
BMSC11002 Human Body Systems 2
MEDI12001 Radiation Science
MEDI12002 Science and Instrumentation 1
MEDI12003 Imaging Procedures 1
MPAT12001 Medical Pathophysiology
MEDI12004 Medical Imaging Clinical Course 1
MEDI12006 Imaging Procedures 2
MEDI12007 Quality Processes for Dose and Image Optimisation
MEDI12005 Science and Instrumentation 2
MEDI13001 Science and Instrumentation 3
MEDI13002 Imaging Procedures 3
MEDI13004 Medical Imaging Clinical Course 2
ALLH12006 Evidence Based Practice for Health Professionals
MEDI13005 Medical Imaging Clinical Placement 3
MEDI13006 Imaging Procedures 4
More Details
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