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Course Code Course Name
CA01 Bachelor of Business
CA10 Bachelor of Arts
CA34 Associate Degree of Building Surveying
CA40 Master of Applied Science
CA42 Bachelor of Environmental Science
CA44 Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
CA45 Master of Arts
CA63 Master of Engineering
CA73 Master of Education
CA81 Master of Business
CA99 Associate Degree of Information Technology
CB06 Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business
CB25 Associate Degree of Medical Science
CB26 Bachelor of Health Science (Specialisation)
CB29 Bachelor of Oral Health
CB57 Graduate Diploma of Health Promotion
CB66 Bachelor of Health Science (Allied Health)
CB67 Bachelor of Accident Forensics
CB68 Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Accounting
CB69 Bachelor of Hospitality Management
CB70 Associate Degree of Health Science (Allied Health)
CB77 Bachelor of Science (Chiropractic)
CB79 Master of Health Professional Education
CB82 Graduate Certificate in Creative Industries
CB83 Associate Degree of Aviation
CB84 Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours)
CB85 Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)
CB86 Bachelor of Podiatry Practice (Honours)
CB87 Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours)
CB94 Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts
CB99 Associate Degree of Building Surveying
CC01 Associate Degree of Building Design
CC02 Associate Degree of Engineering
CC10 Diploma of Secondary School Teaching
CC12 Bachelor of Education (Primary)
CC13 Bachelor of Education (Secondary)
CC14 Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)
CC15 Diploma of Education
CC16 Bachelor of Applied Sociology
CC17 Advanced Diploma of Applied Sociology
CC18 Master of Asset and Maintenance Management
CC19 Graduate Certificate in Asset and Maintenance Management
CC20 Graduate Diploma of Asset and Maintenance Management
CC21 Bachelor of Teaching
CC23 Associate Degree of Education
CC24 Bachelor of Digital Media
CC25 Diploma of Digital Media
CC26 Associate Degree of Digital Media
CC27 Graduate Certificate in Emergency and Disaster Management
CC28 Graduate Certificate in Information Technology
CC29 Graduate Certificate in Information Systems
CC31 Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
CC32 Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Diploma of Professional Practice (Co-op Engineering)
CC33 Graduate Certificate in Project Management
CC34 Graduate Diploma of Teaching
CC35 Graduate Diploma of Professional Accounting
CC36 Graduate Diploma of Marketing
CC37 Graduate Diploma of Managerial Finance
CC38 Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting
CC40 Graduate Certificate in Managerial Finance
CC41 Diploma of Music
CC42 Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)
CC43 Bachelor of Psychological Science
CC44 Associate Degree in Public Health (specialisation)
CC45 Master of Teaching (Primary)
CC46 Graduate Diploma of Information Technology
CC47 Graduate Diploma of Information Systems
CC48 Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)
CC49 Graduate Certificate in Advanced Safety Science Practice
CC50 Graduate Diploma of Accident Investigation
CC51 Graduate Certificate in Business Administration
CC52 Graduate Diploma of Business Administration
CC53 Master of Information Systems
CC54 Master of Information Technology
CC55 Master of Managerial Finance
CC56 Master of Marketing
CC57 Master of Professional Accounting
CC58 Master of Business Administration
CC59 Bachelor of Public Health (Specialisation)
CC60 Bachelor of Emergency Service
CC61 Bachelor of Building Surveying and Certification (Honours)
CC62 Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours)
CC63 Graduate Certificate in Accident Phenomenology
CC65 Graduate Certificate in Advanced Accident Investigation Practice
CC67 Graduate Diploma of Human Resource Management
CC68 Graduate Diploma of International Business
CC69 Graduate Diploma of Mental Health Nursing
CC70 Graduate Diploma of Paramedic Science (Critical Care)
CC71 Master of Clinical Chiropractic
CC72 Master of Human Resource Management
CC73 Master of International Business
CC74 Master of Management for Engineers
CC75 Master of Podiatry Practice
CC76 Master of Advanced Safety Science Practice
CC77 Graduate Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety
CC78 Graduate Certificate in Fatigue Risk Management
CC79 Master of Safety Science (Major)
CD60 Doctor of Philosophy (Business and Informatics)
CD61 Doctor of Philosophy (Arts, Humanities and Education)
CD62 Doctor of Philosophy (Sciences, Engineering and Health)
CD84 Doctor of Philosophy by Portfolio
CD85 Master by Research (Offshore)
CD86 PhD (Offshore)
CE03 CPA Tuition Support Program
CE90 Single Subject Award
CF08 Master of Letters
CF36 Diploma of Arts
CF56 Bachelor of Property
CF59 Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
CG01 Diploma of Business Studies
CG04 Bachelor of Professional Communication
CG08 Diploma of Aviation Theory
CG17 Master of Clinical Psychology
CG20 Graduate Certificate in Water Resources Management
CG21 Bachelor of Engineering Technology
CG29 Master of Rail Operations Management
CG31 Graduate Certificate in Rail Operations Management
CG32 Graduate Diploma of Rail Operations Management
CG33 Graduate Diploma of Midwifery
CG34 Master of Midwifery
CG36 Diploma of Information and Communications Technology
CG41 Start Uni Now
CG48 Associate Degree in Occupational Health and Safety
CG51 Bachelor of Music (Specialisation)
CG68 Graduate Certificate in Tertiary and Adult Education
CG72 Bachelor of Theatre (Specialisation)
CG74 Bachelor of Professional Communication (Honours)
CG80 Associate Degree of Community Welfare
CG81 Bachelor of Community Welfare
CG82 Associate Degree of Human Services
CG83 Bachelor of Human Services
CG84 Bachelor of Science (Honours)
CG85 Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Sciences
CG90 Bachelor of Building Surveying and Inspection
CG91 Bachelor of Medical Sonography/Graduate Diploma of Medical Sonography
CG92 Bachelor of Medical Imaging
CG93 Bachelor of Medical Science
CG95 Bachelor of Paramedic Science
CG98 Bachelor of Laws
CG99 Bachelor of Information Technology (Co-op)
CH70 Diploma of Creative Arts
CH71 Associate Degree of Creative Arts
CH72 Bachelor of Creative Arts
CH73 Diploma of Construction
CH74 Bachelor of Construction
CH75 Bachelor of Laws (Honours)
CH76 Graduate Certificate in Management
CH77 Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Tourism Management
CH79 Graduate Certificate in Nursing (Re-Entry)
CH80 Graduate Certificate in Hospital and Health Services Management
CH81 Graduate Certificate in Facilitating Men’s Behaviour Change
CH82 Graduate Certificate in Brain Based Education
CH83 Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership (Major)
CH84 Graduate Certificate in Positive Psychology
CH85 Graduate Diploma of Permaculture Design
CH86 Graduate Certificate in Clinical Ultrasound (Specialisation)
CH87 Master of Paramedic Science (Paramedic Practitioner)
CI20 General English (P)
CI21 General English (S)
CI22 English for Academic Purposes 1 (P)
CI23 English for Academic Purposes 1 (S)
CI24 English for Academic Purposes 2 (P)
CI25 English for Academic Purposes 2 (S)
CI26 English for Academic Purposes 3 (P)
CI27 English for Academic Purposes 3 (S)
CI28 IELTS Preparation
CK26 Master of Indigenous Studies
CK27 Graduate Diploma of Indigenous Studies
CK28 Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Studies
CK29 Diploma of Professional Communication
CK30 Bachelor of Midwifery (Graduate Entry)
CL01 Diploma of Theatre
CL02 Graduate Certificate in Nursing (International Registered Nurse Entry)
CL03 Skills for Tertiary Education Preparatory Studies (STEPS)
CL04 Graduate Certificate in Creative and Professional Practice (Major)
CL05 Master of Teaching (Secondary)
CL06 Associate Degree of Aviation (Flight Operations)
CL07 Associate Degree of Financial Planning
CL08 Associate Degree of Property
CL09 Bachelor of Aviation (Flight Operations)
CL10 Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (Honours)
CL11 Diploma of Aviation (Flight Operations)
CL12 Diploma of Financial Planning
CL13 Diploma of Health Science
CL14 Diploma of Property
CL15 Graduate Certificate in Authentic Leadership
CL16 Graduate Certificate in Clinical Nursing
CL17 Graduate Diploma of Aviation (Flight Operations)
CL18 Graduate Diploma of Clinical Nursing
CL19 Graduate Diploma of Positive Psychology
CL20 Master of Business Administration
CL21 Master of Business Management
CL22 Master of Clinical Nursing
CL23 Master of Domestic and Family Violence Practice
CL24 Master of Mental Health Nursing
CL25 Master of Permaculture Design
CL29 Bachelor of Aviation (Commercial Pilot)
CL47 Tertiary Entry Program
CL58 Graduate Certificate in Research
CO57 Miscellaneous Studies (Studies Abroad)
CQ01 Bachelor of Accounting
CQ16 Doctor of Education
CQ17 Master of Health Science
CQ18 Bachelor of Information Technology
CQ23 Bachelor of Nursing
CQ26 Bachelor of Occupational Health and Safety
CQ67 Associate Degree of Engineering
CQ91 Bachelor of Accounting/Bachelor of Business
CT02 Tertiary Entry Program
CU18 Bachelor of Science
CU26 Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety
CU36 Master of Informatics
CU37 Master of Communication
CU47 Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Professional Communication
CU51 Bachelor of Aviation (Technology)
CU56 Doctor of Professional Studies
CU63 Associate Degree of Building Design
CU65 Bachelor of Building Design
CU90 Master of Human Movement Science
CV09 Graduate Diploma of Learning and Teaching
CV67 Associate Degree of Cardiac Physiology
CV68 Bachelor of Cardiac Physiology
CV69 Bachelor of Echocardiography and Cardiac Physiology / Graduate Diploma of Echocardiography
CV70 Bachelor of Logistics
CV71 Diploma of Behavioural Science
CV73 Graduate Certificate in Dementia Studies
CV74 Graduate Certificate in Domestic and Family Violence Practice
CV75 Graduate Certificate in Healthy Ageing
CV76 Graduate Certificate in Religious Education
CV77 Graduate Certificate in Strategic Innovation
CV78 Graduate Diploma of Dementia Studies
CV79 Graduate Diploma of Domestic and Family Violence Practice
CV80 Graduate Diploma of Healthy Ageing
CV81 Graduate Diploma of Project Management
CV82 Master of Engineering
CV83 Master of Medical Ultrasound
CV84 Master of Project Management
CV85 Bachelor of Agriculture
CV86 Graduate Certificate in Engineering
CV87 Graduate Diploma of Engineering
CV88 Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation
CV89 Master of Sustainable Tourism Management
CV90 Graduate Certificate in Permaculture Design
CV91 Associate Degree of Environmental Science
CV92 Diploma of Environmental Science
CV93 Diploma of Science
CV94 Associate Degree of Science
CZ01 Skills for Tertiary Education Preparatory Studies (STEPS)
CZ11 CQUniversity Foundation Studies